It is a common misconception that finding ways to build links to your website is what you need to do. The reality is, it is a very bad idea to build links to your website. And there is a very good reason as to why.

How to Build Links to Your Website

Back in the day, as with any technology, that was just a few years ago, people needed to exchange links with sites that had a higher ranking than their own. This in turn boosted your website’s ranking. You could join link exchange programs, put a bunch of articles out into the wild with your URL on them and swap links with your Internet friends. Those days ended about ten or more years ago.

Today if you participate in any kind of backlinking scheme, Google will suppress your website without warning or notice. This is the equivalent of being banned from the Internet. And take this warning seriously. It does happen. They will catch you building artificial backlinks and they’ll ban you from Google. It puts businesses out of business, every single day.

So, what does Google expect you to do? They put a lot of weight on who links to you, but yet you can’t participate in getting them built? How unfair!

Yes, it does seem that way. But it makes the Internet a far better place. It is frustrating, but Google wants you to put awesome content on your website then they promise the backlinking will happen naturally.

And believe or not, it does happen naturally, providing you do on page SEO and use good practices to let those search engines easily see what your page is about.

So, if someone contacts you about how to build links to your website, run. Do not hire that company, because they will get you banned from Google. Without Google, you won’t be able to do business on the Internet. Without the Internet, even your local customers won’t be able to find you. Focus on adding great content to your website and optimize it so that the search engines understand what the pages are about.