When a small business takes that first big step and puts up their website, they know they need to learn how to build links to their website in order to drive traffic. There are a few reasons this needs to be done, actually.

How to Build Links to Your Website

Google’s search engine is the most popular search engine in use today, so it is important that it finds and indexes your website. The goal is to have this search engine display your company’s website on the first page of search results when someone is searching for a business like yours.

One of the ways to cause this to happen is to have websites that are related to your industry link to your website. While years ago you would trade links with other businesses to accomplish this, it is no longer a good practice. In fact, you will eventually be banned from Google’s search engine if you exchange links or spread articles around the Internet for backlinking purposes.

So? What to do?!

You need to build a well-organized website that is very helpful for your customers. When you do this then other websites will share it with their customers and post a link to it in their recommended partners pages. This is one of the most difficult things to do – just let it go and let it happen naturally. This goes against what every entrepreneur wants to do. But the alternative is to be banned from Google and that is not a pretty picture.

In order to build links to your website, you’ll need a website that clearly states your products and services right away on the home page. Be sure to have a couple of headings on the page mention your services or products and use other industry words in the homepage so Google will clearly understand what your website is about. But be careful to not repeat the same words more than a few times in the page. Have a blog that has helpful information for your customers that’s related to your products.

By using good website practices to build links to your website, your customers will get more from your website and other websites will naturally link to yours. This will help you land higher in search engine search results. For more information on the good practices for websites see Google’s suggestions.