Influencer marketing is the newest kid in the block, creating a new breed of celebrities. Typically, the main ingredient of becoming an influencer include generating a sizable following. Becoming an influencer has financial benefits, and there is nothing to prevent you from tapping into the new source of income.

But how do you build a following to become a successful Silicon Valley influencer?

Create Content

Content creation is the backbone of influencer marketing. You cannot become an influencer without becoming a content producer, whether on YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter.

There is so much content to produce, but you cannot be successful without picking a particular niche. No doubt there are established companies in most of the niche markets. Go around this by focusing on a slice of the pie. Pick one underrepresented, unusual subject and specialize in it.

Produce the Content Regularly

As a rule of thumb, never keep your followers guessing on when to expect the next bit of content. Produce it regularly, and the viewership and the following will experience a dramatic rise. People don’t like to wait for too long for entertainment or other content, though, so post it often.

Associate with Other Influencers

Admittedly, finding a foothold on influencer marketing’s murky waters is not a walk in the park. It would help if you had a strategy to propel you to the top.

Associating with other influencers is one of the easiest ways to build a following. Interview some of the industry leaders for your podcast, blog post, or social media post, and it will generate interest. People have an innate desire to express themselves and give opinions on a variety of subjects. Exploit that to your advantage.

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