When you’re running a business and have put up its Facebook page, the next question to answer is, “How do you promote a post on Facebook?” Of course, you want to maximize your exposure on Facebook. That’s why you’re there! Boosting your post is rather simple with these steps.

How Do You Promote a Post on Facebook?

If you’ve noticed one particular post is doing well on your page with likes and clicks, it is time to open that up to more people on Facebook. To promote a post on Facebook, look for the button in the lower right corner of the post. Click that and you’re on your way to a lot more exposure.

The next thing you select is the audience that you want to see this post. Don’t think more is better, because you’ll run up quite the advertising bill. These boosts are not free. Narrow down the audience to exactly the type of person that is your customer.

Now choose your budget. Select the total amount of money you want to spend boosting this post. And then enter your payment method and make your payment method choice.

Click boost and your ad will soon start showing up in Facebook users’ timelines, giving you loads of new exposure.

Pay close attention to the statistics on your boosted ads to make sure they are working. If you make the audience too few then you won’t get much exposure. You’ll need to find the happy balance between narrow criteria and your budget.

Facebook Marketing Expert

To have campaigns to promote a post on Facebook, it is best you use an expert that knows all the ins and outs. Michael at JOHO Marketing will set up, configure and monitor your ads and boosted posts on Facebook. If you’re looking for a lot of new customers, boosting posts is an excellent way to get them.