A keyword phrase is something you hear talked about a lot when you own a business. You know you need to put keyword phrases on your website, but they are never what the business owner thinks they are.

Keyword Phrase

As a small business owner you assume that your keyword phrase is what you sell, right? And then people will flock to your website to buy it, right? No. Not even close.

A keyword phrase is the phrase a person types into a search engine like Google. Then they hit search and Google brings up all the websites that are optimized for the phrase. If you think about this, you can see your product is not what you should be optimizing for. It is that phrase people type into the search engine.

To find your keyword phrase, you’ll need to find a company that specializes in marketing on the Internet and ask them to do keyword research for your company. They will find the phrases that your target customer puts into the search engine to find a product like yours.

Additionally, these keyword phrases will be sorted to find the phrases that are searched the most by your targeted customer and also used the least by your competitors. It isn’t always feasible to use the “used the least” option, but most companies can.

When you have that short list of your potential customer’s searches for a business like yours, optimizing your website and blog posts with the phrases that are used the least by your competitors can jump you right on the first page of search results. It is extremely effective in driving traffic right to your door.

If you want to have a new website optimized with the keyword phrases that are searched the most by your potential customers and used the least by your competitors in order to drive customers to you in a couple of days, let JOHO Marketing know. We’ll get that done for you.