Guerilla marketing bases its attraction on placing messages or product reminders in unexpected or unconventional places, and delivering them in unconventional ways. The phrase became mainstream in 1984 with the publication of Jay Conrad Levinson’s book “Guerrilla Advertising.” The term stems from the unusual and unanticipated tactics of civilians during armed conflicts, which gained attention due to their method as much as their effect.

Guerilla Marketing in the Digital Age

While guerilla marketing achieved some success through tactics such as branded graffiti walls and interactive sidewalk displays, it soared during the digital age. No longer did marketing and advertising executives need to rely on individual eyes or news media coverage for transmission. Today’s social sharing brought guerilla marketing to new levels. No longer limited to the word-of-mouth of a few people encountering these outreach efforts, social sharing now multiplies engagement when photos and videos multiple exponentially from original viewers via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and other social media outlets.

Today, this interactive marketing takes the shape of everything from free sample giveaways, to pop-up stores or restaurants, events, and unusual logo and message placements. One of the core tenants of the tactic is placing messages in the path of consumer’s everyday lives. Mass transportation like subways, commuter trains, buses and airlines long served as home to unexpected messaging. And, every journey includes buildings and streets. A giant painting of McDonald’s French fries in a busy intersection or a living room furniture display suspended over a doorway typically causes more than a lingering look. You simply must tell someone about it.

Today, guerilla marketing offers endless opportunities for affordable word-of-mouth and social brand messaging. While you may not be able to stuff the tactic with multiple messages, you can easily get people talking about your brand and hoping to learn more. For more information on unusual digital marketing methods, contact Michael at JOHO Marketing.