Guerilla marketing is getting a marketing campaign going by others inadvertently advertising for you. This can involve your customers spreading the word about your business or even the media talking about your company. It is extremely effective and usually doesn’t cost you anything.

Guerilla Marketing and Social Media

Guerilla Marketing is the best type of social media marketing. This is harnessing that “share” button on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and other platforms to have people market for you for free. This type of marketing is also referred to as “going viral.”

Going Viral

This is one virus that you want to be behind. Named after rapidly spreading germs, of all things, going viral means your marketing message is spreading from one social media user to another. The message has taken on a life of its own and it is reaching thousands, if not millions of social media users and all you had to do was to put it out there.

This type of guerilla marketing is difficult to pull off. There is no set formula, but the most rapidly spreading messages usually involve an instant strong emotional response from the person who sees it. It can be an incredible cute baby animal or a horrendously shocking new story. What makes it marketing is that they have to click to your website’s blog to read more, or the image is branded with your website’s url. Many thousands of hits later and zero costs, you’ve reached an awful lot of potential new customers.

Setting up Guerilla Marketing Campaigns

You’ll likely need some help with your guerilla marketing campaign to go viral. You’ll need a writer that is familiar with this type of marketing. To discuss this type of marketing and others, contact Michael at JOHO Marketing for more information.