If you’re running a local business, you probably know the benefit of visibility in search engine results. And one of the best ways to improve your visibility is by getting your business listed in Google My Business (GMB).

But did you know there’s another way to get your business listed in GMB? It’s called Google Verified Listings, and it’s great for local SEO.

So what are Google Verified Listings? They’re simply listings verified by Google. This means that Google has checked to ensure that the listing is accurate and up-to-date.

And why is this important for your business? There are a handful of reasons:

Verified listings show up higher in search results.

If you want visibility for your business, ensure that your listing is as high up in the results as possible. And one factor that determines your listing’s position is whether or not it’s been verified by Google.

Verified listings build trust with potential customers.

People who see that Google has verified your listing are more likely to trust it. And when they trust your listing, they’re more likely to click on it and visit your website or store.

Verified listings can help you get more reviews.

Google uses verified business listings to help promote customer reviews. So, getting your listing verified is an excellent way to start if you’re looking to accumulate more reviews.

So how do you get listed in Google Verified Listings?

Getting Listed in the Google Verified Listings

First, claim your listing in GMB. Once you’ve claimed your listing, you’ll be able to edit it and add additional information.

Next, you’ll need to verify your listing. Google offers a couple of different ways to do this, including by phone or postcard.

Once you’ve verified your listing, you’ll see the benefits of having a verified listing, including higher search results, more trust from potential customers, and more reviews. Contact Joho Marketing if you need help with listing.