Facebook is not just an excellent platform where individuals can network but also a great business tool. Did you know that the platform enjoys a 1.8 billion active user base?

Even more importantly, you can access this rich platform for leads and acquire regular paying customers. But not everyone knows how useful Facebook is or how to exploit it for business.

Facebook leads are either direct or indirect. Direct leads are from shared content directly linked to your website’s lead form, usually on the landing page dedicated to the offer. On the other hand, indirect leads are typically from blog posts with a call-to-action at the bottom, leading to the landing page.

Acquiring More Leads through Facebook

Facebook Posts

Facebook posts are the first to capture your audience’s attention. The posts with an embedded link can be part of the dedicated campaigns or one-off guiding viewers to a web page or Facebook page.

Lead Ads

Facebook lead ads are sponsored and the most productive in generating leads. They appear in the news feeds, marketplaces, and stories of your target audience.

Lead ads capitalize on the behaviors of Facebook users that are most likely to be interested in your products, on and off the platform. Users are prompted to submit their info when they click the lead ads.

Facebook Events

Corporate social responsibility is currently one of the currencies for acquiring more leads. Use Facebook events to host an event that benefits the community, such as a charity or fundraiser. The people registering for the event fill out the forms and can become leads.


The built-in live chat feature allows your customers to contact you directly and privately when they need clarification or have questions. Your team can introduce links to landing pages or websites to get more leads from prospects.

Get Help with Facebook Ads

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