When starting a new marketing plan for this year, one option to investigate is Facebook advertising. But, is it worth it anymore? Companies have been advertising on Facebook for years now. Has another groovy spot on the Internet taken its place now?

Facebook Advertising – Is It Worth It?

The biggest return on your investment is going to be found in only one place these days. And that’s Facebook advertising. Is it worth it? Totally worth it. As a matter of fact, you’ll wonder why you’re so late to the incredible return on investment party all these years!

Facebook is a very unique powerhouse of data. And Mark Zuckerberg has this social media experience so addictive for its users that just about everyone you want to reach is on there all day long.

Even Google tried to compete with Facebook and couldn’t gain any traction. Google+ is now a relic of the past and Google is disassembling it, saving only one part of it. Others have tried to be a Facebook substitute and they failed so fast that you’ve never heard of them.

But, for your advertising dollar, Facebook is the place to spend it for the biggest return. There are many ways to reach people on Facebook.

  • Boost your Facebook post
  • Run small advertisement in the right column
  • Run big ads that look like friendly Facebook posts

With an investment of only $500 a month, you can start seeing some profound, almost immediate results in your local area. That is far less than newspaper advertising! And you’ll reach the segment of the population you want to reach while doing it in a personal way.

If you need to contact your local target market fast, you must consider Facebook advertising. Is it worth it? Very much so. There will come a day when there is an even better way to reach your local target market, but still, even after the past 10 years and all their problems, Facebook rules when it comes to targeting customers.