A Facebook advertising company like JOHO Marketing helps you take advantage of some of the powerful digital opportunities developed by the big tech companies. There are several ways you can put Facebook to work to pump up your bottom line.

Facebook Advertising Company for Small Businesses

JOHO Marketing works as a Facebook advertising company helping small businesses find new customers by marketing products and services on Facebook. The best part of this type of advertising is that it gives you a bigger bang for the buck than you’ve ever had before.

Facebook ads can be done with various methods, each having a different mission. The first method is to boost a post from your company’s Facebook page. If you see one of your posts is particularly popular, you open up the audience by paying Facebook to show it to people who have not yet liked your Facebook page. This is an easy way get more exposure to potential new customers.

Another method is to run an advertisement on the right side of the Facebook page. This ad is a small image with just a short sentence that goes with it. This ad will show up on your target market’s Facebook user pages. These are popular ads run to get likes and to get them to click to your website.

Facebook offers large ads, also, that look like a regular Facebook post. These are intended to engage those who see it in their timeline and get them to watch a video or follow a different call to action.

Lead ads are ads that prompts the Facebook user to add their contact information for a free gift or to just join a mailing list. This is an effective tool because they never need to leave Facebook to give you their name and email address or whatever information you’re collecting.

A Facebook advertising company like JOHO Marketing can give your company a big boost in profits rather quickly. Give Mike a call to find out how these ads are so much more effective than other ads.