An entrepreneur is someone who is addicted to starting businesses and marketing plans. It is the thrill of the hunt, only the hunt is for cash and new customers. The entrepreneur lives to put a plan in place that works and lots of money comes flowing in. But, when success hits and everything works, the entrepreneur gets sad.


The best way to make an entrepreneur depressed is to give him or her everything that was worked so hard for. Crazy, isn’t it? Entrepreneurs are not small business owners, although they will usually have at least one small business in their name at all times, some have multiple. What the entrepreneur wants is to create a plan, put it into action and see that company starts bringing in the money. Running the day to day operations isn’t what they want to do. If there is little left to do to improve the company, the entrepreneur starts getting antsy and comes into the office crabby.

The best entrepreneurs know when to get out. The crème of the crop will have a sixth sense that can see just far enough into the future to see when the company will peak. They will list the company for sale just before that peak. This is how they get the best price for the company that that company will ever see. Once it peaks, it goes downhill and either goes out of business or putts along as a very small, boring, average operation.

Knowing Enough to Hire Marketers

Usually the entrepreneur doesn’t know a lot about digital marketing. They just know in their head and heart what needs to be accomplished to achieve the goal. They are smart enough to leave the details to the professional digital marketer, like JOHO Marketing. Give Michael a call at JOHO Marketing to start working on building your company up.