Email marketing is a great idea, but how do you get the email addresses? There are several ways to do that. But do keep in mind that you should never email any customers marketing materials unless they have given their permission for it. That being said, there are things you can do that will have potential customers and current customers give you their email address.

Email Marketing

If you have a shopping cart on your website, you should have a box they can check to approve adding their email address to your email marketing list. You might be tempted to have the box pre-checked and let them remove it if they don’t want to receive marketing emails. However, this aggressive marketing technique makes a good number of customers angry. So, leave the box open and let them check it.

One technique for obtaining email addresses of potential customers works in person at events as well as on your website. That is offering an inexpensive give-away item for signing up for your email list. People want that free item and will usually give you their email address in order to get the item.

A pop-up plugin such as Bloom is an attractive way to ask for an opt-in. This plugin gives you a pop up on your website when the website visitor reaches a certain point on the page or completes a certain activity. The box will pop up and ask them to opt-in to your newsletter or whatever you are offering. They can enter their email address in the box, click to submit and continue with their exploration of your website.

Learn More about Marketing Using Email

If you’d like to learn more about obtaining your potential customers emails, give Michael a call at JOHO Marketing. He will go over all the easy ways to get your potential and current customers to willingly give you their email address for your email marketing.