Everyone is searching for more effective advertising for their small business and there is one old fashioned approach that needs a second look. Email marketing is a whole new “thing” these days. No longer is the approach spam. It is a highly targeted step by step marketing campaign.

Effective Advertising for Small Business

Any plan you spent money and effort on needs to turn out to be effective advertising for your small business. The best part of email marketing is that the cost is extremely low and it is highly effective.

To use a marketing campaign with email, the first thing you need to do is build a mailing list and then you start your marketing email campaign.

The point of the drip campaign and automated campaign is manyfold. These emails keep you in touch with your customers so they keep your company foremost in their mind. They not only engage them, but get them in a campaign where each subsequent email offers them a little better deal on a product or service. These emails don’t give the entire pitch, just enough to stimulate interest and point them to a website landing page where the real sales pitch resides.

These emails will get the customer to click through to the real sales pitch. That click the customer makes is them giving permission to be sold. Now it is easier to sell them, as they have agreed to be an active participant in the sale. And when they buy, they are dropped out of the campaign. They are never marketed to after they buy the product in that particular series.

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