Here are some easy password ideas that will help you create very secure passwords that are simple to remember. Passwords don’t have to be a garbled series of letters, numbers and symbols to be a strong password, although they are usually the best. The 2nd best strong passwords are easy for you to remember and almost as strong.

Easy Password Ideas

The latest and greatest easy password ideas use phrases that you make up yourself. Once you have this short phrase, you’ll add at least 1 of each from this list: unique character, capital letter and number. And remember, passwords cannot have any spaces in them. So, make sure your phrase is written as all one word.

Unique characters: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + = -. Check with your software to see which of those characters are accepted in its system for passwords.

Coming up with your phrase is the hard part. So, think about your home or office surroundings and make up a phrase about what you see. Maybe your co-worker is wearing some really cool socks today. So, maybe greensocksinplaidcool would be a nice unique phrase.

Now, add to it a little by adding the numbers: 2greensocksinplaid2cool.
Add a little capitalization: 2GreenSocksInPlaid2COOL.
And add the unique characters: 2GreenSocksInPlaid=2COOL.

Things to avoid in creating a new password would be any words that are normally found together like city names, movie or book titles, so avoid that sort of phrase. Never use any personal information like birthdays, children’s names or common numbers like the current year or date. This password needs to be completely made up but make it a phrase, so you’ll be likely to remember it. If you can tie that phrase to something you can visualize in your mind, that makes it easier to remember.

At JOHO Marketing, we hope this idea makes coming up with password changes a lot easier.