Time is running out for the holiday rush, but it is not too late to squeeze a lot more sales out of your marketing efforts. That is one of the many perks of having a Digital Marketing Manager. He knows a few tricks to pump up sales fast, sometimes within hours.

Digital Marketing Manager

JOHO Marketing’s Digital Marketing Manager is Mike Johnson. His expertise is social media and digital marketing. If you feel you need to get a little more out of the Christmas holiday rush this year, he’s your guy. There are plenty of marketing programs that are designed to give an almost instant boost in sales.

Lightning Fast Return on Digital Marketing

  • Viral videos, Tweets and Facebook posts.
  • Email marketing campaign with last minute offer.
  • Promotions that encourage sharing with friends.
  • Offering a trendy item that is in low supply for free with purchase.
  • A discount available for a very short time period, possibly only for a few hours.
  • VIP treatment of a limited amount of customers.

Maximize the Holiday Shopping Season

It is never too late to add that extra little bit of boost to the local holiday shopping season. There is usually some sort of promotion or reward that customers will line up for fast. This will keep your company name out there and excite new customers and regular customers. A Digital Marketing Manager can really boost business with just the right social media marketing on your company’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

If you would like to have Mike’s Digital Marketing Manager help with boosting your holiday sales at this last minute point in the holiday season, give him a call. He can design a quick marketing strategy to get those last sales boosted in your small business.