There are a lot of reasons to boost your Facebook posts and all of the reasons are to help build your company brand and the number of Facebook followers. But, how much does it cost per like on Facebook when you boost your post?

Cost per Like for Facebook

Boosting a post isn’t free on Facebook, although if every company could have their way they would be free! Ah, in a perfect world, huh? So, the cost per like on Facebook for your awesome post that you’ve decided to boost could be as little as one cent per like. But, there is a catch.

As with any Facebook advertising, your boosted post is a complicated matter. You can decide who sees this post by certain criteria like age, gender, certain interests and location. The more popular each of those things is, the more it is going to cost when they like it.

Fortunately, you can set a budget to control the amount you spend on boosting a particular Facebook post. That will protect you if your post becomes unexpectedly wildly popular. It is best to keep your posts under close moderation until you can determine why your post is popular. Maybe it is because it is just so spectacular that everyone is taking it viral! YAY! But, it could be people just like the picture and these people liking your post are never going to amount to any followers for your business page or sales for you.

The best thing to do is to set up a test blog post boost and try out a few different things. You will learn right away what locations, ages and other criteria cost. Once you get a feel for it, give Mike at JOHO Marketing a call to get a program put together to increase your customer and Facebook following base with boosting posts.