The business tips list for holiday marketing always includes Start Early! A company that is on top of their marketing has a solid plan in place for the Christmas Rush by the end of July. If you are just starting to think about this for your small business, it isn’t too late. There are still some things you can do to maximize your profits over the winter holidays.

Business Tips

Our business tips for a late start this year but still getting the most out of your winter holiday marketing are:

  • Start Today
  • Pick a Loss Leader Item
  • Write Down a Social Media Marketing Plan

Start Today: There is no time like the present and the clock is ticking. It takes time to prepare for a brilliant marketing plan for the Christmas Rush and it is already late in the year. So, start today by calling Mike at JOHO Marketing. He will help you develop a plan for holiday marketing.

Loss Leader: A loss leader item is a product that you will offer so inexpensively that you’ll lose money on it. This generates a lot of attention and buzz in social media, maximizing the amount of new and established customers to your small business. You make up for the loss on the item in sales on your other items. Plus, customers remember how happy you made them, and that builds loyalty.

SMM: Write down your Social Media Marketing Plan with all the minor details. What day will you send out your Loss Leader announcements? What is the follow up announcement? Do you have a popular product that you can announce is in short supply? What products will you put on sale on that last weekend before Christmas?

JOHO Marketing

A lot goes into a marketing campaign to maximize profits for the Christmas Rush. These business tips should get you thinking about your plan. It is not too late. You can still come up with something brilliant. Give Mike a call at Joho Marketing a call to help.