Business success is why we’re all in business, right? Many small business owners don’t realize just how powerful Facebook is for them. Love it or hate it, Facebook has become one of the most effective tools for business.

Business Success

Every small business must have a Facebook plan. Facebook has millions of people of all ages using it on a daily basis. It is an odd phenomenon. Never before has a social media program been able to take over people’s lives. The best part for your business is that those people love to engage with companies on Facebook, as well as with their friends and family. By engaging with Facebook users, it can give you that big boost into business success.

Key to Facebook

Facebook is not a place to just put up some ads, although their ads are very successful for the most part. Business success with this platform is achieved by engagement of Facebook users. Start a company Facebook page and post daily. But, be forewarned, you do not want to post a series of advertisements. Your Facebook posts must be interesting facts about your products, maybe some humorous stories or jokes, run contests and honestly asking your fans their opinions. This is a place where you must encourage interaction. If they love you, they will be loyal and ask all their Facebook friends to follow your company.

Who you put in charge of your Facebook page is vitally important. This person needs to be very customer service oriented and they also need to be very experienced with using Facebook. Most companies have an employee that can fit the bill. They will need to write engaging posts, answer private and public messages and publish interesting photos of your products and services. If you need help getting started with using Facebook for your business success, give Michael a call at Joho Marketing.