It’s official; email marketing has the highest return on investment among all the other marketing channels. No other medium comes close, and that explains why a vast mailing list is desirable. Clearly, the big bucks are on the list.

Unfortunately, the list depletes by a whopping 25% every year. But how do you continually grow this list? Deciding to expand the list is one thing, and growing it is another. Here are a couple of tips to grow it.

Choose a Good Email Service Provider

An email marketing provider should be compatible with your business model and comfortable to work with.

Ideally, the provider should have a handful of capabilities, such as various signup forms. You should be able to monitor the performance of each form and segment your subscribers based on behaviors.

Focus on Quality

Quality is king when it comes to email content. Consistently provide quality and targeted content worth the time of your subscribers. But how do you provide targeted content? Well, by segmenting your list.

Clean Your Email List

Keeping a healthy list is as important as growing it, no doubt. Approach prospects or customers actively engaged with your brand. Also, focus on the people signed up for your newsletter and those with active email addresses.

Up to a third of subscribers change their mailing list. Ideally, delete the inactive emails at least once per year. You see, the goal here is to focus not so much on quantity but quality. What is essential is e-commerce marketing results and not a vast list with low conversion.

Use Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are the underrated little nudge that pushes prospects to sign up. They are dynamic and only activate after a specific period or when the prospect visits several pages.

Some pop-ups come up when the visitor reaches the end of the page or is getting ready to exit.

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