Branding is a big part of digital marketing. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook make developing your brand easier than it has ever been. There is a difference between the two social media platforms, however. Twitter will work best for some types of branding and Facebook for marketing and other ways of reinforcing your brand.


Branding is developing your business personality. It is taking all the logos, slogans and public relations and then putting them together to present your business personality to the general public. Social media can be an important part of getting the company’s personality, or brand, out there to the public. It is important that you know the difference between the social media platforms of Twitter and Facebook, though.


Twitter is great for up to the second news, coupons and fans of celebrities. People on Twitter cannot stand to see an advertisement, so if you post a lot of ads, you will hurt your branding campaign. Twitter is best used to post tweets that are engaging and from the heart. You should just talk like you’re talking to your friends and once in a while throw out a great coupon. Your customers will eat it up. Contests also do very well on Twitter.


You also need to be posting engaging content on Facebook. A Facebook post sticks around for a long time, so you can get some good discussions going with your customers on your Facebook page. Facebook fans and followers don’t mind advertising, and they will probably appreciate quite a bit of posting coupons and specials. But, for the most part you need to start discussions to get the best out of Facebook.

Where to Go for Some Branding Help

JOHO Marketing is a professional social media branding company. If you’re unsure how to approach social media, give Michael a call to schedule an appointment to discuss branding for your company.