When a small business owner thinks of a blog manager they usually think of one of their employees that’s fairly creative when he or she writes emails for the company. But being able to adequately turn a phrase isn’t enough to make the person a blog manager.

Blog Manager

The job of the blog manager is to keep your website content very alive and constantly changing. You want your blog to keep your customers coming back to the website. This keeps them engaged with your services and products, so they will always think of your company first when they need those items. They will also remember it is time to stock up on your products and schedule your services.

But your company blog does even more than that. It keeps the search engines coming back to your website. When the search engines know your website is alive and kicking they’ll send customers your way.

The blog also attracts new customers to your website. The blog post topics are written around keyword phrases for your industry that people are searching to find information about. Then, like magic, a link to your website is displayed as one of the relevant sites they should read. When they are done reading the blog post they’ll click on other pages on your site to find out more about your company.

The blog manager handles all of the keyword research to find those phrases that will come up often in the search results. He or she knows exactly how to optimize that blog post to keep search engines sending traffic. Plus, the manager writes the blog post in an engaging and informative way to keep the new customers and the regulars coming back to read more. Find out how our blog management services will drive new customers to your website.