Website ranking in the search engines is a priority for every small business. Without hits on the website, your company’s growth will be at a snail’s pace. It is important your business is using one of the best websites for scoring high in searches, whether your company has a local target market or an international one.

Best Websites

The very best websites to use for a small business is a website that has custom features to fit your company. It also needs to have every page optimized for search engines, have a responsive design and be very mobile friendly.

Buying a premade website template is rarely a good idea, even for a temporary placeholder for your future site. The reason is that those templates are usually very old. Old website templates do not look current, which hurts your trust factor right off the bat. Depending on the age of the template, it probably isn’t responsive or mobile friendly. Being mobile friendly is a requirement now by Google, the leader in searches. So, skip the cheap stuff, because it will only hurt your website ranking. Go custom.

At JOHO Marketing, we have sample designs we can show you that we can use as a starting point for your new custom design. Custom designs don’t have to cost a lot. The way we create websites allows us to keep expanding the basic design as you grow and it just keeps getting better and better.

Google Tools for Websites

The best websites are also set up with Google Analytics and Google’s Webmaster Tools. These two tools are vital for monitoring your new website. Without them you won’t know how the search engines read your website. You need to frequently check how your site is ranking and encourage the things that are working well for your website. Give JOHO Marketing a call to learn more about what we can do to make sure your website is the best one for your small business.