Whether you’re just setting up your startup or it is time for a new website, you’re going to need the best design for a website for this local area of Silicon Valley. Here are some tips on what your brand new website is going to need.

Best Design for Website

When we’re talking about the best design for a website, we don’t mean the colors and the aesthetics of it. Of course, it goes without saying that it needs to be pleasing to the eye, but it needs some important features in order to work well for your company here in the Silicon Valley.

Every website today needs to be well suited to mobile devices, especially in our local area where most people are techies. Your website’s design needs to be what is called “responsive.” This means it’ll automatically reconfigure itself to look beautiful on a mobile device like a smartphone, iPad and laptop. Websites are no longer designed to look great and operate nicely on only desktop computers.

Aside from responsive designs, the website needs to be rated as mobile friendly. Google has a little test you can use to find out if your website is mobile friendly. If it fails the test, it’ll let you know what needs fixing to make it mobile friendly.

Copywriting is a special form of writing that is used in writing advertisements and commercials. A website is your biggest sales pitch and the copywriting on the pages needs to be professional. This is your big opportunity to not only make a good impression, but close the deal!

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Of course, there are a lot more points that make up the best design for a website for small businesses operating in the Silicon Valley. But these are the biggest factors. With our local population being so tech friendly, a good website for a local small business is vital to their success.