Twitter is a social media platform, most popular for its real-time information. Unlike the other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter allows only 280 characters in a single tweet. As a result, it’s easy to convey a message and for the readers to follow it.

Twitter is the official customer service channel for most businesses as most of the customer service requests happen on the platform. As a small business owner in Silicon Valley, it’s wise to consider using Twitter to connect with your customers and generate more leads. Here are some of the benefits.

Target Marketing

Locating users with similar interests or customers of particular products is easy with Twitter. For example, you can easily find art enthusiasts for specific items and follow them for updates. You can create your following by offering particular services or goods and using hashtags to increase visibility. The process where your followers retweet your tweets can help build a prospect base and eventually, long-term customers.


Twitter is a budget-friendly channel that you can use to reach prospects and keep the communication lines open with current customers. Running and operating a Twitter account is free of charge, which is especially helpful for cash-strapped businesses. You can leverage additional twitter marketing tools at low or no cost.

Better Customer Service

Twitter allows you to send updates to your customers or followers in real-time. This affords you a unique opportunity to adjust certain aspects of your business based on their reactions. Your enterprise can have day-to-day chats with customers to inform them on what you’re up to.

You can also search Twitter for conversation threads relating to your business and respond to particular issues. The platform gives you a real competitive edge over other business rivals that are not leveraging the power of tweets.