Did you know that your Silicon Valley business could do much better with a blog? According to current statistics, the US customers that purchased because of a blog post were up to 61%. Blogging is, therefore, one of the most critical methods of content marketing.

Here is why you should invest in a blog and a blog management service.

Develop Relationships with Customers

Blogging creates a special connection with site visitors. You can allow feedback and comments at the end of the post to kick start a conversation with potential customers.

By responding to the comments, your business creates a valuable rapport with the prospects and conversion becomes easier. Typically, you gain important insight and build trust to develop and maintain a competitive edge.

Boost SEO Optimization

Fresh and variable content is a darling for search engines. By blogging consistently, you gain a valuable platform to plug in essential keywords that enhance your visibility on the internet. Better ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPS) translates to more inquiries and sales.

Good quality content attracts backlinks from other websites, and that improves your SEO optimization efforts.

Establishes Your Business as an Industry Leader

Trust and clout in the industry are essential ingredients for becoming an authority. Normally, providing valuable and expert content in the blog posts establishes your business as an industry leader. You become the go-to source for informative and helpful information, which ultimately enhances the customer conversion rates for your small business.

Provides Value for Your Visitors

Tips that help site visitors make their life easier or solve a problem are far more valuable than product pages or advertisements. Free and helpful content builds loyalty among prospective buyers. Besides, good quality content is an invaluable platform where you offer your products as part of the solutions, though in a subtle manner.

Are you convinced of the benefits of a blog for your business? Well, JOHO marketing can help create a blog for you. We also provide blog management services, if you don’t have the time or talent to blog.