While augmented reality (AR) is not currently considered an emerging tech, its impact on the marketing landscape is ballooning into inconceivable proportions.

The concept behind AR is to overlay digital information onto real-world scenarios to inspire and captivate the target audience.

AR helps the buyer see how the product would look in use. For example, how would that grey seat look in their living room? AR allows the potential buyer to view the product in the ideal setting and helps their decision-making process.

How many potential buyers have left your store because they were unsure about a purchase? AR can help create that slight nudge to check out a product because they love the results.

In their 2021 annual consumer trend report, Zenith estimated that 72% of UK adults considered AR “fun and engaging.” That are potent ingredients to add to your advertising campaign.

Creating Successful AR Advertising Campaigns

To create successful AR advertising campaigns, focus on developing experiences that are interactive, immersive, and shareable.

AR advertising allows consumers to engage with products in a more meaningful way. By incorporating AR into their advertising strategy, brands can allow their audience to see and experience products in a way that was not possible before.

To create interactive experiences, consider a 360-degree view of your products. This 3D image can be handy on products such as furniture. For example, the “IKEA Place” app ad campaign allows prospects to place virtual furniture in their own homes using their smartphone camera. You can use Blender or Maya to create a 3D model of your product.

Effective 3D models are immersive. This simply means adding audio, visual elements and tailoring the experience to each user. Consider animations, video, and gamifying the campaign to increase the ‘immersive-ness’ of the content.

Finally, don’t forget to make the AR campaigns easily shareable. Encourage your audience to share the content through social media to maximize the impact.

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