Certainly, the road to recovery seems long and hard for businesses post-pandemic. But we can look on the bright side; things are beginning to go back to normal. There’s finally a semblance of normality, and businesses are beginning to pick up the pieces by recapturing the market.

As a business owner, there are still a few tricks in the bag you can use to increase traffic to your business. You can recapture the market and grow it. Here is how you go about it.

Blogging with Intent

Consistent long-term blog results are the goal of every business setting a website. However, writing posts once in a while does not cut it. You have to blog with intent and use proven tools to increase readership. But how do you grow the base of your website readers?

For starters, SEO will push you higher on Google ranking, but you need to blend with relevant content. Write more blog posts on topics that your audience is interested in, and they will be coming back for more.

This shouldn’t be too hard with a little digging. And of course, Joho Marketing offers custom blog post writing.

Contact Your Customers Through Email

When used effectively, email marketing has an incredibly high return. Strengthen the former relationship with your customers by sending them emails to remind them to reach out.

Use your subscriber list, and if you don’t already have one, create it by establishing a sign-up feature on your homepage. The subscription form grows the list passively.

But even with a long subscriber list, your email marketing may not be as effective if a big portion of them end up in the trash or spam folder. Create irresistible subject lines and use an entertaining tone. Most importantly, make sure the message resonates with your customer’s needs.

Use PPC Advertising

Your recovering business could do with more targeted traffic to bring more customers. Don’t just spend on PPC. Make sure the ads and the landing pages are relevant. PPC is not effective if the landing pages do not provide value to the visitors. Work on your landing pages, and then the click-through rates will improve.

Contact JOHO Marketing if you need help with growing the traffic to your business.