The battle for customer loyalty is fought and won in the world of UX design, among other realms! The quality of your visuals can help establish a loyal customer base—a center pole for any small business.

UX design is about creating a user-friendly, intuitive, and fun digital experience. When your customers enjoy using your products, you have them for life. Well, as long as you keep it fun and intuitive.

How a Good UX Design Helps Build Customer Loyalty

First impressions work the tricks

A great UX design for your website creates the perfect first impression for visitors. It’s similar to a well-kept store which creates a feeling of organization, good taste, and attention to detail. Who wouldn’t want to be served by such a business?

On the other hand, customers don’t want anything to do with a disorganized and cluttered store. There’s no time to sort or figure everything out. It’s the same concept with digital experiences.

  • An app or website with a complicated design is unexciting. We’re all guilty of a short attention span and want things simple.
  • A well-designed digital experience makes the customers feel welcomed and engaged. They’ll be eager to come back.

What’s familiar is comforting

There’s a sense of familiarity with a great UX design. Familiarity is a bedfellow to comfort. Customers feel comfortable when something’s familiar and will likely use it longer.

Familiarity, in this case, is the ease of use. Users who easily navigate an app or website stay longer and likely return. That’s how a relationship develops and grows into loyalty.

But how does the UX design create familiarity and comfort?

Typically, familiarity and comfort come from consistent visual language. The typography, color schemes, and navigation must all be consistent. This aids in more straightforward navigation, which is the ultimate goal.

Remember that a well-designed digital experience is the first impression that wins the user. It creates the visual consistency and comfort that customers of your small business demand. Contact Joho marketing for more tips on improving the website and app visual experience.