Using a social media strategy consultant is usually necessary to properly leverage marketing to the masses using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. When you want to take advantage of social media because it is the most effective and least expensive type of marketing, you need an entire plan that includes far more than just tweeting and posting on Facebook.

Social Media Strategy Consultant

Marketing involves an entire strategy as consumers today are far more sophisticated buyers than in decades past. When you start a social media campaign to find your target market on the Internet and pump up your sales, it always involves more than just social media posts and tweets.

For instance, your website needs to clearly state who you are and what awesomeness your customers will derive from your products and services. Your website needs to work very well on mobile devices and various screen sizes. The social media posts need to point the targeted market right to a perfected landing page that gives the pitch and asks for the sale.

A social media strategy consultant does all of this for you and more. An entire strategy is developed that will funnel your targeted market right to your store’s entrance. It typically involves a several step process. Unfortunately, marketing isn’t as easy as tweeting, “Hey! Get 5% off by coming to see us!” Today we take the potential new customer and even the long time, loyal customers, to your business in very small steps.

Joho Marketing Social Media Marketing

If you’re interested in targeting that 50% of the mobile customers you’re missing, you need a social media strategy consultant like Joho Marketing. Reach out to us today to start your next sales boom.