Advertising has evolved over the years to be a vital cog in the wheel that is the modern economy. Unlike in the past, more funds are spent on social media platforms, where there is more engagement for your business.

So, how do you use contemporary advertising or marketing methods to promote your business? Here are a few tips.

Focus on Social Media Marketing

Advertising budgets for social media marketing have doubled in the space of just a few years. By 2016, the business had spent $31 billion, up from $16 billion only two years prior, on social media.

If your business is not leveraging Twitter or other social media platforms, it is missing out significantly.

Acknowledgment is Critical

Current stats indicate that up to 77% of customers appreciate a brand when they respond to their tweets. Respond to the inquiries in the shortest time possible, at least within four hours, when customers ordinarily expect a response. This will gradually improve engagement and repeat business.

The typical response period for most businesses is ten hours. Outcompete your rivals by showing you care about what customers say.

Use Behavioral Data

According to PowerTraffick, most marketers, up to 75%, do not utilize behavioral data to target over the internet. The result is ads that don’t necessarily reach the target market.

By 2018, the number of devices with ad blockers was up to around 615 million, from 142 million the previous year. But it is not everyone that wishes to block all the ads. PowerTraffick says 83% of the people wish they could receive relevant ads and filter all the intrusive ones.

Spend on Google Adwords

Google Adwords has the best pay-per-click returns, according to PowerTraffick. On average, small businesses enjoy double the revenues of what they spend on Google AdWords. Consider making a few tweaks to increase your AdWords paid search ads, and it is only a matter of time before your turnover improves as well.

No doubt, the technological advancement in the marketing space has opened a new world of possibilities for businesses. As a small business proprietor, it is imperative to be at the top of your game and use the various tools to your advantage.

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