Every small business owner thinks about sales improvement and cost cutting in order to improve the bottom line. In today’s marketing environment it is easier than ever to do both at the same time by harnessing the power of the Internet.

Sales Improvement

If you’ve never used the Internet to market your small business, you’re in for a nice surprise. You might have assumed that using the Internet is only for companies that do business nationally or internationally, but it works wonderfully for small businesses with local customers! You can make a huge impact in sales improvement with little to no advertising cost by using the Internet to reach your local customers.

There are many ways to do this. The first way is to get your website updated and put into a modern responsive design. Improve the copywriting, the photos and bring it up to date completely. This will help your potential customers to find you on the Internet. The telephone book is dead. People are using Internet searches to find local businesses now. We can make sure you come up in those results. It is faster to do than you might have imagined.

Next, social media is huge right now. People are doing more than just chatting with friends in these programs like Facebook and Twitter. They are also looking for their favorite companies on these apps in an effort to get customer service and searching for coupons to use. They are also clicking on the ads in these apps. You have to make sure you’re using these programs for your company so that new customers can find your company instead of your competitors.

Getting Started

If you’re ready for a whole new, extremely cost effect sales improvement program for your business, contact Mike at JOHO Marketing to learn more about how to use the Internet to bring in more local customers.