When a local business starts using social media to expand their customer base, the question always becomes, “How do I go viral?” When you’re serving local customers, viral doesn’t need to be very viral. But you need to saturate local social media accounts. It isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Something for Nothing

Everyone wants to win the prize, whether they work for it or not. They’ll see it as a free item if they win it, no matter what you require them to do. Of course, it needs to be kept fairly simple. That’s where forwarding something on social media comes in.

Post a message to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers telling them to forward a message to win. Keep the message short, but be sure to include:

  • The message to “share this message to be entered to win” and what prize they might win.
  • Your social media account in the message, for example: @youraccount
  • A unique hashtag for this promotion and also some of the popular giveaway hashtags like #ShareToWin
  • An awesome photo, preferably with your product prominently featured in it.
  • An extremely brief description of your products: “XYZ’s Healing CBD oil presents…”, or “Lake Woebegone’s Tastiest Lunches is having a giveaway!”, etc.
  • A mention that you pick a winner on the 1st day of every month.
  • Mention that the more you share, the more chances you have to win.

And make the prize big! Stick within your budget but make it a prize nearly everyone wants. Everyone typically wants an expensive gadget like an iPad or iPhone, but a restaurant can give away 30 free lunches. If you get 150 new customers, a $300 prize might be worth the investment.

The more awesome the prize, the more they’ll share to all their followers. Then their followers will share to their followers. You’ll get an amazing amount of exposure to people you would not ordinarily be able to reach.

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