While it might sound like a reasonably priced option to outsource your SEO to a foreign company, things are not as rosy as it might appear at first. There are ways some of these companies can put your website at risk of being blocked by Google.

Outsource SEO

There is a very good reason most outsource SEO companies in India and other foreign countries hide the fact they are not in the USA. These companies do not operate with the good business ethics most US companies are expected to use. So, they do what they can to lead their customers to believe they are a US company.

But, what is more of a problem with outsourcing your SEO is that they are using very outdated techniques. Most of this old stuff is now banned by Google. For instance, using various methods to create backlinks to your website to trick Google into thinking you have many websites linking to you will actually get you completely dropped from Google. And that is permanent.

The only way to have proper search engine optimization done is to write quality content on your website. Of course, you can strategize with writing around words that your potential customers are putting into the search engines. You should also have excellent copywriting on every page of your website to lead the consumer into a sale. These are legitimate ways to build your SEO. It is a little more involved than that, but that is the basic overview.

Legitimate SEO

Avoid being sucked into outsource SEO schemes that end up getting you booted out of Google. Practice on page, legitimate strategies that Google and the other search engines love and promote. Give Mike a call to discuss your SEO strategy.