Instagram is the hottest social media app since Facebook, but it is oh, so different. While not all businesses do well on Instagram, many small, local companies are finding a fortune by using it. Find out if your company can start driving hundreds of new customers to your place of business each week.

Instagram for Business

Some businesses attract large numbers of local customers via Instagram for their local businesses. These local stores have products that can be featured in pictures. So, if you own a jewelry store, a medical marijuana shop, an auto dealership or sell something else that can be photographed then your company will be able to drive lots of customers to your store using an Instagram business account.

The first thing you’ll need to do is to start an Instagram account for your company, then encourage your customers to follow it with their Instagram account. But don’t wait until you have a lot of followers to start posting messages. Post messages as soon as you start your account. People will judge whether or not they’ll like your account by scrolling through your posts before they follow you. So, make it look great immediately after starting your business account.

What to Post

Things that work well to keep customers engaged are:

  • Pictures that have stories like a happy customer’s purchase
  • New, hot items just stocked
  • Your mouthwatering lunch specials
  • Live coverage of an event
  • Celebrities visiting
  • Post sharing events to encourage friends to follow
  • Giveaway contests

Another dynamic is the hashtag. A hashtag is a word with the hash mark in front of it. This allows people who are searching that item to pull up your post from anywhere in the world. If you’re a florist, you’d use #flowers. Hashtags allow you to reach brand new people everywhere.

If you’d like to know more about using a social media accounts like Instagram for business, contact JOHO Marketing to learn more.