Most companies don’t bother getting their local customer’s email address and that’s a costly mistake. Every company needs to get their customers to opt into their mailing list. Here’s why.

Have Customers Opt In

By having your customers opt into your mailing list, you’ll always be able to make contact instantly. Your mailing list becomes a gold mine that you’ll mine daily or whenever you need a boost in sales.
Keeping in touch with locals improves:

  • Your sales
  • Your brand recognition
  • Your customer referrals
  • Your local traffic in the business
  • Your customer service department
  • Your customer’s opinion of your business

Your Customers Want to Hear from You

Many businesses think that emailing their customers will turn them off. Surprisingly, that’s not the case. Most customers enjoy hearing from the companies that they do business with. They enjoy seeing new product offerings, giving their opinions, leaving reviews and getting discounts and of course, shopping!

Today’s shopper is used to receiving emails from the places they do business. They will sign up to your mailing list if something is offered that they feel is of value. A free gift or a coupon on their next purchase is an effective gift, but the promise of occasional discounts works well, too.

No matter the type of local products and services you provide, your customers will appreciate an email now and then. Some companies send daily emails, but most keep it on a schedule that is more appropriate for the frequency of a typical sale. An insurance company or a dentist will send less often than a grocery store or coffee shop.

How to Setup a Mailing List

Give us a call at JOHO marketing if you need help setting up a mailing list for your local customers. We’re happy to help you bring in far more sales, because they are currently being left on the table.