Unlike in the past, information is now timeless, thanks to internet technology. One wrong move could affect your reputation and performance and send your business reeling for years.

Certain situations are unavoidable, such as a nasty comment or negative review. But do you let it slide or take action to remedy the situation?

Typically, incorrect, outdated, or problematic information will make you want to remove search results from Google. Perhaps you were into memes and stuff years ago, but you transitioned into a fiction writer. Unfortunately, your meme past doesn’t seem like it will let you excel in your new career.

Instead of endlessly explaining to everyone about your new self and dealing with the aftermath of a bad reputation, you can have the outdated or damaging information taken down.

Steps You Can Take to Remove Negative Google Results

  • The first step is usually to perform a Google check on your business name and see what comes up. Move down the results and take note of what’s positive and what’s harmful. Focus on the negatives and don’t forget the image results as well.
  • Next, remove the links with the negative results if it is content you control. If it is a negative comment, respond in a professional and friendly manner. Delete your Yelp or Facebook page if the situation is beyond repair, but keep in mind some sites retain the reviews even after deleting pages.
  • If you don’t control the website, you can contact the owners and request the removal of the harmful content. Some websites will publish sensitive personal or financial information, and that is against Google policies. In such a case, contact Google for removal.
  • You can also hire online reputation management services to get rid of or suppress negative search results.

Contact JOHO marketing for more tips and help in removing negative Google search results. We’ll get your reputation shiny clean once again.