As a small business owner, you’d like to do your social media marketing yourself to save some money and get started right away. That is perfectly understandable. So, you search the Internet and find a few social media gurus, but that is where you need to be very wary.

Social Media Gurus

Social media is one of those things that change very quickly. Who is on top of the market can change in a matter of one or two years. Remember MySpace and Friendster? If not, well, there you go. They were social media leaders and huge social platforms just about 15 years ago. Others are in the process of dying right now, like Twitter. When it comes to social media gurus that you find on websites, beware.

While the social media guru website you’re reading might have been on top of his or her game when they wrote it, today it is usually completely outdated. In technology, outdated is a serious waste of time.

When it comes to things like SEO, outdated advice could get you banned from Google today. And advice is outdated in as little as 1 year. So, if you’re reading something from 5 years ago, it is completely irrelevant today, for the most part.

The dangers to these outdated social media gurus isn’t so much getting kicked out of Google, it is that you’re wasting your money. If you are not a musician and you’re paying to advertise on MySpace, you’re likely wasting your cash. MySpace is over for everyone but musicians and fans.

You need to be sure to get current advice and understand the up to the moment trends in social media marketing. Make sure your social media guru is someone who does this for living, not some yahoo that wrote an e-book once, back in the day.