Attracting more customers to your Sunnyvale, CA, business takes a little bit of effort, but has a very big payoff. Your marketing doesn’t necessarily have to be paying for ads. You get a lot out of just marketing your company and spreading the name around town.

Attract More Customers

Here are some tried and true ways to start attracting more customers and clients to your business in the Silicon Valley.

Offer a Class at Adult Education Courses

There is one sure way to appear to be the expert in your field, and that is to be the expert! Offer to give a class on the topic of your industry. If you sell insurance, offer a class on the numerous ways people can drive down their insurance costs.

Join a Networking Group

When you have a service business, networking groups can give you a steady stream of new business. Each week in your group’s meeting you will prove your expertise, answer questions about your services and trade business cards. Networking groups can be the local Chamber of Commerce, a Meet-Up group listed on the Internet, or a business networking group.

Participate in Local Events

Whether it is a one-time fundraising dinner or helping out with community theater, if you’ll be working with people then you’ll be meeting people. Always make sure to give them a card and explain your services.

Give Away Samples

Everyone likes a little gift for no reason. Make sure every order you take includes a cute, little free gift with a little card stating that you included this gift because you really appreciate their business. People love this so much that they’ll tell everyone they know how nice it was to do business with you and why.

JOHO Marketing

When you need help attracting new customers to your Sunnyvale business, call Michael at JOHO Marketing. He’ll show you a lot of ways to harness the Internet to drive new customers to your door.