One thing is clear. And that is that this pandemic is very far from over. But what about your business? What can you do?

Staying Alive Amid COVID-19

The odd thing is that some businesses are busier than ever, and it isn’t because they’re selling masks or sanitizer. Many marketing related businesses, insurance agents and private schools are hopping busy. Other types of businesses, not so much.

The companies that are doing better than ever despite the pandemic are actually offering essential services people have to have.

What Should You Be Doing

What you need to do right now is start building your brand. Stay in touch with your customers, even if you aren’t open right now. Keep building your brand and never let them forget your company name.

Run Ads

Running ads is not the right choice when you’re not open for business. If you are open, you need to give it your all. Come up with the best ad work ever put into play but do it digitally so that you get the biggest bang for the advertising buck.

If you’re not open, then keep in touch via email with little hints and tips for your industry. Send them out every week and make sure they are well-branded with your logo, address, phone number, etc.

Do Some Business Housekeeping

Remember all those things you simply don’t have time to do? Now you do, if you’re one of those businesses that are more shut down than thriving.

  • Revamp the Website
  • Put in Place New Types of Marketing
  • Paint and Remodel the Building
  • Review Which Employees to Keep

Get Ready to Go Back “On Line”

Get all your ducks in a row and when those gates are thrown wide open, you go flying out bigger and stronger than ever. You’ll be fully prepared and actually grateful for that tough time off.

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