Having a website brings you a lot of customers at a very low cost, at least it should be, and that is why you should use a good website strategist. Your website should have an up to date style, not just for looking like your company is cutting edge and current, but for technical reasons.

Website Strategist

When you have a website strategist take a look at your website or help you design a new one, he or she will make some recommendations to you. Currently, websites need to be responsive and mobile friendly. These are a must, because they have to look and work beautifully on all the popular mobile devices like cell phones, iPads, laptops as well as desktops computers with varying monitor sizes.

Mobile friendly is a huge issue currently. Google will suppress those websites that they decide don’t work properly on mobile. At that point, most companies have no reason to be on the Internet. Given that 50% of local customers are looking for companies on the Internet using a mobile device, you have to look great on mobile.

Additionally, you’ll hear the word copywriting a lot. Copywriting is a writing technique used in advertising and on websites. It is extremely important that your website works like a huge, finely tuned advertisement. It should lead the customer right to a sale online, a phone call to you for the sale or for more information. Most website designers are not writers, so an well-seasoned website copywriter needs to be booked.


Websites are no longer just a plaque businesses put up on the Internet. A website strategist will see to it that your website is doing everything it needs to do: giving the right first impression, is functional in the ways it needs to be and it is driving business to your door. Give Mike a call to learn more about your website.