Social media sites come in a variety of types with some focusing on text and others on photos. Here are some tips on which type of sites might work well to bring in more customers to your company.

Social Media Sites

Some social media sites focus on photos only. These are sites like Pinterest, Instagram and deviantArt. With these sites, it is a lot less about saying anything and more about sharing a moment in time in the form of a photo. These sites work very well for food related businesses, but the photos need to be spectacular. Putting out dingy, poorly designed photos of what you’re serving for dinner will have the wrong effect on your bottom line.

Text based social media sites will involve photos, too. But they are primarily about sending out a text message or a story. Examples of these sites are Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Twitter works best for famous personalities and news organizations. Facebook works well for those business models also, but it works wonders for just about any small business, regardless of the industry. If you have a product or service to sell, your customers are on Facebook and using it daily.

The Best Social Media Platform for Businesses

Facebook is, hands down, the best of the social media sites for small business promotion. But, with any social media platform, you must use it daily. When your customers ask a question, answer it immediately, ideally. Some companies can get away with checking in just once per day. Keep your customers engaged constantly with posting pictures of your products and writing status updates that are fun, helpful and useful for your customers and potential customers. Of course, posting coupons and coupon codes will get them to keep an eye on your Facebook page. When it is time to set up your social media sites, give Mike a call at JOHO Marketing for some help.