Social media is a tool for your business. But not all companies will handle their social media the right way. There is a trick to turning your customers into big profit centers by using social media.

Social Media

Most of your customers are using various forms of social media. They’ll tweet a little, post their selfies on Instagram or practically live all day long on Facebook while they’re working. This is the new hangout and you can maximize profit by engaging them with your social media accounts.

The biggest mistake companies make with social media is to just talk “at” their customers. Running ads or posting things are good, but only on occasion. The way to make social media really work for you is to engage your customers and get them to participate with your account, plus have a good time doing it.

For instance, if you own an auto body shop, encourage your customers to post a picture of the car that was their all-time favorite to own. Have a couple required hashtags they need to include with their car picture, like your company name and a generic auto hashtag that car buffs follow. Pick a winner at the end of the month and give them a huge coupon to use at your shop. They’ll get some detailing they need or finally fix that dent they’ve been putting off.

But! It isn’t about bringing in that one customer. It is about all of your customers seeing all of the spectacular cars in your timeline. Your customers will look forward to browsing through the pictures every day. Plus, other people will see the great car pictures and follow your account.

You’ll get a lot more out of engaging and entertaining your customers than just throwing coupons at them or announcements. Social media needs to be fun for your followers and build your brand. Then they’ll never forget you.