Small business tips for success in search engine optimization (SEO) are all about keyword research. Doing some research will let you know exactly what phrases your potential customers are typing into Google and other search engines to find a company like yours. These are the phrases you want to use on your website and company blog.

Small Business Tips for Success

Today’s small business tips for success with your website is to use the right keywords. Most business owners think that they need to optimize their website for their company names, the names of their products and the type of industry they are in. That’s perfectly logical, but this is not the case and doing so will likely put you in the bottom of the search engine results. You should optimize for the phrases that your potential customers are using to find a company like yours.

If you want new customers to be led to your website and not your competitors, you want to optimize your text for keyword phrases that are:

  • What potential customers are typing into the search engines
  • Are used the least by your competitors – hence, there’s very little competition for that phrase
  • Used the most by consumers to search for a product like yours
  • Words that are related those perfect keywords

Once you have those perfect phrases that meet all those criteria, you’ll need to narrow down the list to just a few phrases. Focus those few phrases in the h1 and h2 HTML heading tags on the page. Mix those phrases into the text, being careful not to exceed 2% of the total word total on the page. Once you max out on the number of times the keyword is used, switch to words that mean the same thing, but are not your actual keywords. The related words are very important, too, because they reinforce that your page is really about that particular topic.

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