Service marketing is the marketing of a business product that is a service, such as window washing, automotive repair, or a dentist’s services. Instead of selling something retail, they are selling what they do for you. This can create some special challenges in marketing for service business, but are many things the same as for retailers?

Service Marketing

The usual avenues of service marketing are running ads in print media and sponsoring nonprofit events, but this is an expensive way to go. There are very inexpensive ways to get your services mentioned to your potential new clients.

The digital marketing world is where you get a huge return on little or nothing spent. It is your biggest bang for the buck in reaching new customers, clients and patients. The first thing you will need is an up to date website that has a blog. Next, you start writing blog posts that contain helpful information that your clients find interesting and leave them wanting more.

The next step is to open social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook. Twitter is wonderful for building trust with your clients, because they get to know you personally when you send out tweets. Facebook works on a lot of levels and is the best marketing tool.

Whenever you write a blog post, you send out a link to it on Twitter and Facebook. This will help you reach more potential clients as your followers forward it along to their followers. It also helps everyone remember you are still there offering your services, without ever having to say it. Your clients, customers and patients stay engaged with you every time you post.

As an added bonus, all of these things, especially the blog writing, keep the search engines coming back to your website to stay updated on who you are. This makes the search engines send you more potential customers all the time! This service marketing method saves a service professional a fortune in advertising. To learn more about digital marketing for a service business, contact Mike at Joho Marketing.