SEO is important for any small business in the Silicon Valley, especially if they have a local customer base. Optimizing for search engines is vitally important for the little guy these days, as well as large companies that are trying to compete nationally or internationally. Here are some things you can do to boost your placements in search engine results.


The world of SEO is changing all the time. So, if you’re searching the Internet looking for tips on how to improve your SEO on your website, you will pull up mostly outdated information. Using outdated methods in SEO will likely get your website banned by Google. It is important that you get advice from a human source and not old articles. This blog post was written in March of 2019.

The Best Method

Google is the leader of search engines and they will tell you the best thing and only thing you can do to boost your SEO is to have helpful content that your customers want to see. This is true, but not the whole truth. You, of course, need to put your keywords in certain places on the page in order for a search engine to be able to understand what your page is truly about. This is called on page optimization, and it is vital.

First, do keyword research to find the most popular phrases in your industry that people type into the search engine. Narrow that list down to the ones that have the lowest use by your competitors. Then use one of those phrases to optimize each page on your website.

Additionally, you should start a blog. Use one of those phrases as a topic for a blog post. Write a new blog post at least once per week. For more information on boosting your SEO with this on page optimization, see our blog post How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts.

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