Finding an SEO company in the USA can be difficult to find, oddly enough. The SEO industry is loaded with foreign companies and they tend to control the market with shady SEO practices. You do not have to go that route. JOHO Marketing handles good, ethical SEO practices for small businesses in the Silicon Valley. This work is done inside the USA with our local team.

SEO Company in the USA

Search engine optimization is an ever evolving art form. Google is the leader in searches on the Internet. So, what Google says all websites owners should do is pretty much the law a small business must follow. If you do not then there will be penalties, such as being banned from their search engine. This can put a business out of business.

Google always preaches the same message: Just put valuable information on your website that your potential customers find value in and the rest takes care of itself.

At JOHO Marketing, we have never found a small business yet that has had that kind of patience. And really, they shouldn’t. They shouldn’t because there really are some things that need to be done on the page so that the search engines get a good understanding of what your website is about. Google doesn’t really get into too many details about what that might be, but experts employed some trial and error and figured it out. It is far too easy to inadvertently put key words consistently in the wrong places, giving search engines the completely wrong idea of what you’re about. This is why you need an expert.

JOHO Marketing is here to help you score well in your local area in the search engines. We follow Google’s guidelines for good practices. We are an SEO company in the USA and digital marketer that many businesses in the Silicon Valley rely on to increase their customer base via the Internet. Give us a call.