Even local customers in the Bay Area are looking for a company like yours by using the Internet. They’ll put a search out on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, hoping to find a company they can do business with. Are you coming up in those searches? A social media marketing expert makes it their business to make sure your business appears before their eyes.

Social Media Marketing Expert

Social media is used for many things, brand building, finding new customers and nurturing the customers you already do have to bring them back over and over and over. A social media marketing expert will do all those things for your brand and your bottom line.

Today when a customer has a problem or a poor experience with your company, they’ll go to a social media platform to:

  1. Search for your company to get some results.
  2. Complain about it to warn their followers to not do business with you.

Are you participating on that social media platform to catch these customer relations nightmares? If you’re a small company, chances are good you’re not. This puts your business at a serious disadvantage.

When you have a presence on social media, even the unhappy customers will turn into a benefit. You solve their issue and make it right, leaving your customer to rave about how wonderful your company is.

But aside from handling problems, the exposure to new customers is unrivaled. You can quickly build your customer base and maintain it by using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is the perfect place to nurture brand new and longtime customers and clients.

When you want to build your customer base, contact Michael at JOHO Marketing. He’ll show you how JOHO Marketing can grow a local company’s customer base by using social media platforms on the Internet.