There are certain things every marketing plan really needs to have included. Without it, the plan might get off track or be dropped prematurely. Make sure any advertising or marketing you put into place has all of the following features in order for it to work well for you.

Marketing Plan

Any marketing plan you start should be very well thought out with. Have your team consider as many possible outcomes as your team can think up. Then once you think you have a plan, make sure it includes these particular points in order to keep it on track:

Clearly State Plan

Write out all the details of the plan, and every step of the plan.

Time Stamps

Put actual dates on the steps of the marketing plan. Without them, you might get very busy and forget to follow your plan. If that happens, all your investment in the marketing up until that point is lost.


Include budgets for every step of the way. There will be times that you’ll need to go over budget and that’s okay. You’ll also find that sometimes you overstated a cost of advertising due to a better deal you obtained, etc. Marketing has an ebb and flow, but the budget makes sure you set aside enough to get the minimum done for that step.


Write down what your expectations are for each step. If that step is not living up to expectations then drop that step or rewrite it. There is no point to funding a loss.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the most cost effective marketing plan these days for most small business in the Silicon Valley. If you need help putting together your marketing plan, Michael at JOHO Marketing is an expert in this field. You will get your investment back quickly in increased sales and it will continue to pay off month after month.