Anyone who has ever posted a photo or reel on Instagram knows the excitement of seeing the likes pour in. It confirms that anything you put on your feed is satisfying and appealing to your followers. On the other hand, when certain posts don’t get as many likes as others, some Instagram users may feel their content isn’t good enough.

In an attempt to address the issue, Instagram announced in 2021 that all users would be able to hide likes on posts. The decision has split the internet, with some users applauding the new approach and others dismissing it. However, for some small business owners – many of whom rely on Instagram – determining whether or not to hide their likes can be a tough decision.

The Upsides Without the Likes

People are frequently overwhelmed by this desire for validation to the point that they would only publish photographs or videos that they believe will appeal to their target audiences, therefore removing any originality. Giving users the option to turn off likes encourages creativity in content development, favoring quality over quantity.

Small businesses may benefit from the shift as well. While it may feel safe to post what you already know is popular with customers, not tracking the number of likes may allow brands to experiment with other content without fear of followers judging a post based on the number of likes it receives.

Downsides Without the Likes

While eliminating likes may be advantageous to some, several factors, particularly from a business standpoint, may be harmed if an influencer or small business owner chooses to privatize this data. Large corporations frequently select who they want to cooperate with based on the number of likes a company or influencer obtains on social media. While other elements are taken into account as well – such as follower count, click-through rate, story views, and so on, likes per post remain among the most vital contributors to sponsorship negotiations.

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